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Klind Pottery is original Montana made, hand thrown or slab built, one of a kind art formed in clay with at least fifteen different processes applied before completion.Every Klind Pottery piece has a rubber coating applied to the bottoms to prevent scratching furniture.  Klind Pottery, made in Montana pottery, is high fired, being an event to experience. Klind Pottery is food safe making it  perfect for serving presentation and artful original gift giving. Made in Montana Pottery is always the remembered original gift. Scrath free bottoms are the added plus to Gloria’s Montana pottery designs.

Made in Montana Honey Pots

Honey Pots

3-23-2013 pottery studio 044

Made in Montana selection

Butter Bell

3-23-2013 pottery studio 047


3-23-2013 pottery studio 054

Small Jar

3-23-2013 pottery studio 046

Spice Jar – Rustica Glaze

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