About Klind Pottery

Gloria at the Pottery WheelKlind Pottery,made in Montana, is functional as well as artful and inviting to be held, enhancing the experience of connecting with our earth.


Glaze decorations of the vivid colors that depict Montana made pottery with prairies scenes,are born in the kiln firing with each hand thrown Klind Pottery piece translating differently.

Gloria is mostly a self taught potter who has attended many pottery workshops in Montana and Colorado. She has also studied in Italy at the Tuscany La Meridiana School of International Ceramics.

Klind Pottery was established in 1976 with the studio being an old homestead shack, complete with very little heat and no running water. After 18 years, Klind Pottery studio was built along Highway 2 in Hinsdale, Montana. Original  Montana made pottery is a lasting artful gift.